20/01/2010 - Timber Accessories: Bring Style to Your Kitchen

Timber accessories are unique in that they may be used for aesthetic purposes or functional.  When used in different home settings, they can enhance the appearance of their surroundings, bringing warmth to an area or add an architectural statement with their design.  Purpose made handcrafted timber accessories allow the consumer to mix and match specifications to their own needs.

Quality timber accessories will last a lifetime.  They age extremely well and will be a classical piece in years to come.  As the range of timber products increase in the market place there has never been more consumer choice for the customer to accessorise their home with.  If care is taken of timber products they can last throughout a number of generations.  Nowadays, people are moving towards a more natural and warmer look in their homes and therefore, the increase use of solid worktops in kitchens has steadily increased over the last number of years.  All timbers can be used and finished to the consumers satisfaction.  It can much warmer than granite or stone worktops.

Timber accessories can be manufactured in a modern style or traditional style and they are always an environmentally friendly choice to have in your home or office.

Timber accessories can be sprayed or painted and one can always achieve the desired look.  It is always best to seek professional advice when spraying or painting accessories for the first time.  A quality timber manufacturer is your best port of call when seeking advice.

As timber is so readily available from European and American markets, there has never been a better time to start using timber accessories in your home.  There are uses for timber accessories all over the home from fitted wardrobe units in bedrooms to skirting and architrave in your living room. 

03/11/2010 - Canopies: An important consideration when planning a kitchen

Canopies are used to house extractor fans in kitchens and are an important consideration when planning a kitchen. They are used as decorative furniture pieces in kitchens and can enhance an otherwise unsightly and noisy piece of extraction equipment. Timber canopies are made from many different types of timber, the most popular in Ireland being red oak and white oak timber. Ash, maple and beech timbers are also popular when choosing canopies.

Canopies are manufactured to match kitchen doors and therefore by changing the doors and canopy, one can update their kitchen immediately. As timber canopies are environmentally friendly products, you are helping the environment by buying a renewable product.

Canopies are manufactured in all shapes and sizes and can be made to measure to fit any extractor fan or area in a kitchen. Manufacturers of canopies have the expertise and technology to produce many types of canopies. Large canopies are made for over Aga cookers and can be the highlight of a kitchen, when used alongside corbels and decorative trimmings. As sizes vary, the most popular size of canopy is 1000mm. PVC Canopies are also popular with kitchen designers, as door manufacturers are producing doors in the same product. There is a large range of colours and designs in the PVC canopies range.

There are two types of canopies: traditional and modern style canopies. Traditional canopies are used in country houses or are primarily used in kitchens who like the rustic and aged look. They are made out of timber for example, oak, ash, mahogany. Different styles of canopies are used for example, decorative, ornate and plain design or designs using t&g sheeting. Whereas, modern canopies can be made from wood or stainless steel & can be incorporated into apartments and modern houses. The use of stainless steel with wooden canopies is also on the increase. This is in keeping with the stainless steel look that is popular at present. Modern canopies offer a sleeker look and therefore suit a certain type of customer.

25/11/2010 - Modern Timber Products

The continuing importance of wood is underlined by the growing number of architects and product designers who treat modern timber products as a complex material with never ending possibilities. Interest in modern timber products is reflected in education as laser technology is used for precision cutting, and steaming opens up new possibilities for complex bending. 

Policy makers and specifiers looking for ways of reducing global warming have focused on the key role played by forests and timber products in the locking up of immense quantities of carbon dioxide, mainly because of the very cost effective way in which they do this.  Trees soak up carbon through photosynthesis and store it as solid wood.

The market for timber products can be divided into four distinctive segments:
1. Packaging: Pallets, crates etc.;
2. Furniture: Tables, floors, ceilings etc;
3. Construction: Roofs, bridges, etc
4. Do It Yourself stores: Shelves, saw timber etc.

Modern timber products and traditional timber products are created by skilled craftsmen in Ireland.  They produce one off timber products, otherwise known as bespoke along with mass manufacturing of large quanitities of timber products for customers seeking to hold stock of timber products.

In Ireland, you will find manufacturers and suppliers of all types of modern timber products and traditional timber products .  In Tipperary timber products manufactuers are spread all over the county.  Due to the many woods and forests, they have access to a large supply of quality timber for both modern timber products and traditional timber products.  Certification schemes (such as FSC and PEFC) give assurance that the timber products purchased are sourced from well managed forests.   When buying timber it is important to remember that timber should be fit for the intended purpose, e.g. structural applications and that it is also sourced responsibly.

Modern timber products in DIY stores are mostly sold as nonbrand products, since consumers are not willing to pay a premium for brand name products. An exception to this though, is the emergence of labels for sustainable forestry management.

Consumer awareness of the environmental consequences of buying timber products is high, leading to price premiums on certified products manufactured in a sustainable fashion and this applies to companies manufacturing timber products in Tipperary.

28/10/2010 - Wood Turnings & Wood Corbels

Whether we notice it or not, we are surrounded by wooden products for example, turnings and corbels. Wood turnings and corbels play an intrinsic part of making wood other wood products standout. Wood corbels can be placed alongside a plain piece of wood and can instantly transform the whole look of the area. Adding a wood corbel, whether a large or small wood corbel gives an area or a piece of furniture an added bonus and instantly exudes quality and beauty to what could have been otherwise a plain area/piece of furniture.  

Focusing on wood turnings, they have multiple uses for example wood turnings are used daily in staircases and nowadays are used extensively in kitchens. Wood turnings come in all shapes and sizes and timbers for example, oak, ash, poplar, sycamore and walnut to name but a few. Great choice is given to the customer and especially, if they would like a bespoke design. Wood turnings are installed in the majority of houses be it in their kitchens, living rooms or kitchens; adding luxury and exuding wealth to a home. Wood turnings for stairs and kitchens are installed by specialist fitters.

Manufacturing wood turnings and wood corbels uses specialist machinery and highly skilled staff. Customers specifications vary from job to job therefore, the ability to incorporate different designs, styles and sizes is of utmost importance to the discerning customer. 

Fashion is constantly changing and with that wood corbels and wood turnings designs are constantly changing.  Customers of period homes tend to favour a lot of detail on their wood corbels and wood turnings, as they try to replicate designs, which would have been used in time gone by. Whilst customer s of modern homes look for plain wood corbels and wood turnings and this purely is based on what is fashionable and popular at the time.

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